Completed Films

Last Respects.  A short film – Writer, Director and Producer – 2023
Watch the trailer here.

Three gangsters pay their last respects to their dying boss only to discover it’s a test of their loyalty.

Starring Peter Andre, Sean Cronin and Mark Pegg.

The life and times of Norman Ondoby. A short Film – Writer, Director and Producer – 2024

Watch the trailer here

A mockumentary of Norman Ondoby who drops dead after winning the biggest ever lottery prize. A presenter meets the family and friends that knew him leading up to the incredible revelation of his will. Starring Gill Jordan, Karl Brookes, Patrick Hayes and Robert Keith Minshull.

The Housekeeper: Short comedy film – Raindance Film Festival – 1995

Four very tall housemates with an obsession for chess take in a Japanese housekeeper who mysteriously appears on their doorstep in a suitcase. The equilibrium of the household is unsettled with comedic consequences.

The Man Who Fell in Love With a Traffic Cone : Short Comedy film, Central TV  – 1996

Watch the trailer here

A light hearted comedy aimed at a wide family audience. An abandoned traffic cone is rescued from a life of obscurity by Johnny an eccentric young man, (Mackenzie Crook). However, when they are separated by a theft their reunion is challenging.

A powerful and thought provoking tale to touch ones heart, breathing new life into the age old story of a man and his love for a piece of plastic road furniture.

Nandikar : Documentary on street theatre for BRTN (Belgium state TV) – 1997

Nandikar theatre works with street and slum children who live under Howrah Bridge to perform theatre that reflects the reality of their own lives. This powerful documentary shows the children rehearsing and performing with the passionate drama teacher Subashish. The programme concludes with a footnote that the day after the performance the police smashed the huts under the bridge where many of the children lived.

Making a Difference, ‘Calcutta Rescue’: Documentary Narrated by Derek Jacobi – 1997

A documentary showing the work of Dr Jack Preger and the Calcutta Rescue charitable organisation and volunteers. Dr Jack as he is widely known, has dedicated his life to helping the poorest of the poor on the streets of Calcutta. The film includes the charity’s transition from essential medical care to an emphasis on preventative medicine, health education, schooling and vocational training programmes. The film includes following people who use the services providing a patient ‘voice’.

The Occupational Joke Company: Sketch show – 1997

A one off comedy sketch show with weird and wonderful characters from across the UK together with a Dutch tourist trying to navigate Birmingham night life.